Real Estate Trends – The Most Popular Home Styles

Year after year, trends change in what the most popular home styles are. In the early 20th century, small homes that looked like little pill boxes dominated many American cities, while mid-century developers used ranch homes predominantly. So what are the current trends in home styles today? Read on to learn more.

Craftsman homes are still the most popular design in home styles, and have been for a long time. They are well laid-out homes with reliable designs inside. The homes tend to be a bit boxy, but they are classically styled and often feature a fine porch to relax on. Eaves are deeply overhanging for increased shelter from the sun – and the rain. You will find Craftsmans throughout the country and they allow for great air flow from room to room wherever you are. They often feature a mix of materials like stone and wood and cherish the work that goes into building them – hence the craftsman name. บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน

Traditional homes are the most common in snowier areas like the Rocky Mountain west, the Midwest, and the Northeast. They look a lot like the homes built in the colonial period by European immigrants. They have a specific floor plan and a particular layout of windows. You will often have two windows next to the door, one on each side, and the upper floor has five front facing windows, with one immediately above the door.

Second, and sometimes third, floors will feature dormers. Kids love those as play areas, and parents like to set up their home offices in these niches. They often have big porches and lots of details like shutters and trim.

Out west you’ll find ranch styles, particularly in the Southwest. Ranches were set up to be on true cattle ranches in the west, but they became popular all over. Ranch homes are single-story dwellings, which makes them great for families with small children or elderly parents. They can be small, 1,100 square feet, or they can be huge rambling homes that cover over 2,000 square feet. Current developers don’t often use ranch styles as much any more, but they certainly hold a place in many people’s hearts.

Then there are the grand homes of the European style. Think of the big houses of France and Germany, with the stone work and high walls trimmed by large wood beams. Floors are often made of stone or marble, and metallic trims are common.

Farming is not as common anymore as it used to be, but farmhouse style homes are as popular as ever. The house plan is usually a simple rectangle with perhaps a sunroom or a porch on either end. Windows are tall and narrow allowing for gentle breezes to cool the home naturally. Siding is almost always done in wood, while the roof is made of either wood, composite, or metal.

Whatever style you like best will often be the one that speaks to you. Not every home style is meant for everyone, which is why there are so many out there. One of the ways to find the one you love is to look through architecture books and design magazines. Part of the joy in finding the home you love is the process, so have fun dreaming

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