Wear the Correct Outdoor Footwear For Your Chosen Activity

My very first (and painful) experience of walking boots was a school trip when I was about 10 years old. We were staying in Claughton near Scarborough, a very pretty place with many acres of fields and scenic footpaths perfect for walking. Part of the daily routine was a lovely countryside walk. Off we set with our rucksack, waterproofs and our boots on. The teachers, a little over excited about our trip, dragged us through field after field in the rain hoping to catch a glimpse of some bird or insect that we could write about later that day. Unfortunately later that first day the only thing I wanted to do was go home.

Peeling my socks off my poor feet I found that I had more blisters than I had toes. Crying became a regular bedtime event. Don’t get me wrong, I love the countryside. There is nothing I love more than walking my dog in the woods. My point is that to enjoy being in the great outdoors you must have the right footwear and more importantly they must fit your feet correctly. Going back to my school trip my boots were stiff, uncomfortable, didn’t fit my feet and they leaked! This early experience was enough to put me off walking boots for life. That was until I started working for an outdoors company that specialize in outdoor footwear. There I was surrounded by pair after pair, cringing at the thought of some poor soul out on the hills; they’re boots rubbing against their feet making their day seem like a night mare. I soon came to realize that things had changed since my school days. Walking boots had evolved! fake jordan shoes

Now they are made from fabric that stays dry and the soles are designed to move with your feet. They are breathable and lightweight offering comfort and performance. These walking boots were miles away from the stiff, uncomfortable lead weights I’d had to wear. Footwear manufacturers had realized that men move differently to women. Women’s walking boots offer a slimmer fit and the boots direct a woman’s stride into a more fluid, balanced process that results in extended comfort.

There are also different types of footwear for different activities. We now have hiking boots that are snug in the heel and precise over the instep to keep feet from sliding forward giving plenty of toe room that enables you to wear a decent hiking sock with them. The full athletic boot gives a close to the foot fit with more volume in the instep. Sport sandals are designed to give you freedom of movement in warmer weather. Multi activity footwear allows you to carry out daily tasks without changing your footwear. Smart enough for the office, giving you comfort for the walk home and offering performance for your chosen activity all in one. They are a great choice for the active outdoors enthusiast.

The insole in the boot is what helps stabilize the foot. The harder the activity, the harder the insole. Heavy duty backpacking boots use a stiffer more stable insole than a day hiking boot which has a stiffer insole than a multi activity shoe. The footbed varies from boot to boot. These are what provide feet with support and protection.

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