What Makes Men’s Sterling Silver Rings So Popular?

When it comes to self-expression through jewelry, wearing a engagement ring or a watch was the only jewelry used by most men in the past. But nowadays took place a new generation of men who feels comfortable wearing fashionable rings that show the world they expressions. Their favorite metal? Silver. Nowhere is more perceptible than in the latest collections of men’s silver rings.

Part of the reason why men’s sterling silver rings have increased in popularity is their affordable price. It’s possible to get a good.925 sterling silver ring for under the price of thirty, and wear it for years before it worn off. Even designer rings made from silver are relatively affordable, even when compared to the others made of other materials such platinum and palladium.

It also has other advantages besides price, though. Talking about style, you are able to buy men’s sterling silver rings in so many unique and customized designs. Here are just some of the most common fashion rings available in this metal.

Braided Spinner Rings: These cool rings have a shiny braided face that spins around a stationary inner band, making them a very fashionable-looking worry ring.

Celtic Weave Rings: This classic appearance looks very good on any mans finger, but they are most popular among men from Ireland who often uses a Celtic Weave ring instead of the Claddagh ring.

Turquoise and Shank Rings: Shinning turquoise most of time looks better along with sterling silver. These Southwestern-inspired are usually substantial in size, and have carved or engraved edges for a rugged look.

Rectangular or Square Onyx: Convex and masculine, the combination of black onyx with shinning silver is a continuous favorite for men. These rings look very good on men with large fingers.

Cubic Zirconia: This type of rings that add the luxury of Cubic Zirconia are very popular these days, and are often used as an alternative to the classic wedding band. ear cuffs

Biker Rings: These come in different shapes and sizes, including a Dragon Spinner Ring, Antique Scorpion Ring, and several varieties of chain link designs, but the popular one of all time is the Sterling Silver Skull Ring with Wings.

This is just an example of the many men’s silver rings available for sale today, and this does not even include the large number of sterling silver wedding bands, engraved rings, Christian rings and friendship rings available online today.

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