Choosing a Kitchen Cabinet Door Style

If you have ever set out to remodel a kitchen, then you are well aware of how costly such a project can be. But since a great kitchen is one of most desired amenities in a home, there is no better place to put your money. My wife and I recently purchased an existing home and, of course, the kitchen was extremely outdated and it was obvious to me that this was going to be the first of many home improvement projects my wife was going to look to me to get going. After some initial planning and design research, my wallet lucked out when it was determined that a kitchen cabinet door refacing would provide for a fresh new look without a total replacement of the cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet door refacing is an outstanding way to achieve a more modern and up-to-date kitchen without having to tear out and replace your existing cabinetry. Refacing your cabinets allows you to save a vast amount of time and money since you will be reusing your existing cabinet boxes, drawers and possibly your doors and drawer fronts. thermofoil cabinet doors

The first thing you need to consider if you are going to tackle kitchen cabinet door refacing is whether or not your present cabinets are structurally sound. If the boxes, doors, and drawers are all in good shape, then refacing is an option that you can utilize. Once you determine that the cabinets are in good enough shape that they will not need to be replaced, you need to determine the type of process you are going to use to redo the cabinet doors. Cabinet door refacing involves either replacing or refinishing your cabinet doors. If you are happy with the design and condition of your doors, then refinishing can provide you with the desired effect. If do not like the design then replacing the doors will be the option that is best for you.

If the kitchen cabinet door refacing project you choose is to refinish your existing doors, then the first step in the process is to remove the doors from the cabinets so you can prepare the surface of the doors for the new finish. Give the doors a good cleaning with a heavy duty cleaner to remove any grease and dirt buildup and then lightly sand the surface if you are repainting the doors or remove the finish with a paint and stain remover if you are refinishing the doors with a stained finish. Once your doors are done, apply the same process to the cabinet boxes and drawer fronts and your fresh new kitchen cabinet look will be complete.

The other option you may choose to use if you do not like your present door fronts is to remove and dispose of your doors and drawer fronts and replace them with new ones. Before disposing of the doors and drawer fronts, be sure to measure each and note the location of where they were installed. If you are using this option, visit a kitchen design center or your local big box home improvement center to check out all the options that are available to you in kitchen cabinet design.

Whichever of these options you choose to pursue in your kitchen cabinet door refacing project, you are sure to be completely satisfied with the results. I can assure you that this project will give you a whole new look in your kitchen for a fraction of the cost of new custom kitchen cabinetry and also in much less time. Who would not be happy with a result like that.


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